Debris Monitor Pro is here to staff your monitoring and management projects.

Centrally located in coastal Mississippi - we respond to any disaster cleanup across the gulf coast.


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Eye of a hurricane Debris Monitor Pro can help clean up


Debris Monitor Pro


Whether you need minor staff augmentation (1+) or complete project staffing (100’s of staff) across all debris monitor classifications (monitors, supervisors, data managers, operation managers and project managers) DMP has the experience and capacity to serve you.

We understand our role within the project is to provide quality staffing personnel and remove the time and risk associated with onboarding new team members during uncertain times of disaster recovery. We are not successful unless we reduce your workload and provide quality employees.

We understand natural disasters impact the affected communities’ local workforce and the heart of each community is their people. We immediately mobilize to the affected community and identity a local workforce which fits your project’s needs. Our commitment is to get the local workforce working again.

While our clients are strictly debris monitoring firms, we appreciate that we and our temporary staff represent not only our client but the community we work within.


Make a difference in communities all around the United States by becoming a Debris Monitor. We offer tremendous employment opportunities.

Our News

Hurricane Zeta Clean-up
Posted on: 02/01/2021
Hurricane Zeta clean-up is wrapping up. Our team is preparing to stage for the next disaster.

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Our Process

Debris Monitor Pro will work with your project team to provide local staffing needs across the debris management classifications.. We will be with you from the start (either through early identification of the local workforce for pre- positioned contracts or mobilizing within hours of landfall) through the removal of the last cubic yard of debris.

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