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Do you want to help others in the face of disaster?

By working for us, you will be an important part of helping communities get closer to life as it was before.


If you like helping people we have the job for you! Feel accomplished each day as you make a significant change in the lives of the people around you. Our organization is dedicated to making a real difference. Let us show you how you can get outside and make an impact in the places where you are needed most. We have a number of opportunities. Read more below to find out:

What type of work will you be doing?

As a debris monitor, your role is to watch over cleanup crews as they pick up debris left after natural disasters. Crews come from all over the country to assist in the cleanup process, and as a monitor, you will stay close by to help provide an extra set of eyes and ears. You are the on-the-ground quality assurance. Monitors help make certain everything is properly categorized and removed where relevant. You will have the opportunity to help the community to regain access to critical infrastructure routes and points of interest. These responsibilities are critical in helping the area get back to life as it was before. If you would like to become a vital part of this process, contact us below!

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