Hurricane damage from above

Now that the deadline for putting out Zeta debris on the side of the roadway passed our team is wrapping up. Make sure to do the following:

  • Only Hurricanes Zeta-related vegetative and construction and demolition (C&D) debris will be collected. That excludes removal of normal household trash, appliances, electronics and household hazardous waste.
  • Debris must be placed curbside or in right-of-way areas that do not block roadways or storm drains. Do not place material in drainage ditches. Do not block drainage, fire hydrants or utility meters.
  • Vegetative debris should be piled separately from Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris material. Vegetative debris includes tree branches, limbs, and non-bagged leaves. C&D debris includes building materials, fencing and bagged materials.

Our team with start maintenance processes as we prepare to stage for the next disaster.



Worker trimming fallen tree debris

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